Sunday, July 27, 2014

DIY 90's Tattoo Choker

I started seeing some people wearing these 90's tattoo chokers and thought they looked pretty cool, so I thought I'd make a DIY for you guys today :)

I really wanted to have a go at making these for a lot cheaper than buying one in stores so here is a tutorial for you all on these great accessories! The great thing about this is that it's really a lot easier than it seems and complements so many outfits.

What you will need:
-a clipboard or a fold back/binder clip
-jewellery clasps + jump rings (optional, depending on how you want to finish the choker off)
-thin beading wire in your desired colour
 -stretch magic string/stretchy fishing line

You will be needing approximately your armspan length of wire/string - hold your arms out perpendicular to your body and use the length from the tip of one hand to the other as the basis for your string length. Of course everyone is different but I've found that this method leaves plenty spare and doesn't waste too much wire/string.

If you are using wire: fold the wire in half so you have an upside down 'U' shape at the fold, have the upside down 'U' at the top. Take one half of the string and tightly wrap it around the other to create a small loop at the top.

If you are using other types of string: fold the string in half and tie a secure knot but don't pull too hard - you need to still have a loop at the top.

Clip the loop onto the clipboard or use the fold back clip to clip it on a table/surface. You're ready to begin!

Here I am using coloured knitting yarn to make things a bit easier to follow. The length of string on the left is represented with the orange wool and for the right it is green.

Step 1) Take the left (orange) string and lay it across the right one. Thread it through the gap between the orange and green pieces of string - under the green and over the orange so you get something that looks like this.

Step 2) Pull the orange string upwards gently to tighten the loop you created.


Step 3) Again, repeat steps 1+2 but for the right (green) string instead.

Step 4) Continue creating these small loops, alternating between left and right string each time. You should end up with something like this.

Step 5: Once you have the length that fits around your neck (bearing in mind that if you are using stretchy string you should use quite a bit less than your neck length and take into account the length of the clasp)...

Wire) Twist one of the pieces of wire back upwards into a 'U' shape, use the other strand of wire to wrap tightly around it to make a loop like what you did at the beginning. Trim the wires for a finished look. Now attach a clasp using a jump ring onto one loop and a jump ring onto the other. You are now finished!

*alternatively, if you don't have a clasp, you can leave the wire you used to make the 'U' hanging and to secure both ends when wearing the choker, thread it through the loop at the other end and twist around the choker to secure*

Stretchy string) Tie a tight knot at the end of your choker and using the excess string, thread one strand of string through the loop at the top of the choker and use the other strand of string to tie it into a tight knot several times, securing the choker into a circle shape. Trim off the excess string and put a dab of glue onto where you cut off the string to secure even more. You are now finished!

So that's all there really is to it! Have fun wearing them with your outfits :D

Jess x

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